A book by Amulya Malladi

 A friend loaned me the book and I couldn’t keep it down. It’s one of those book that you just have to complete within a day.

The story revolves around an Indian American family living in California. The narration is made interesting by giving multiple perspective. The strength of the book lies in the fact that it covers a vast range of issues experienced by Indian Americans- coming to America, raising kids, the dating issues, relationship with whites, arranged marriage and the desi family dynamics (mother- daughter relationship,  father-daughter bonding, that between sisters and with grand mother, etc., etc.). And all that is made even more interesting by throwing in the famous Indian spices, in fusion recipes that all but make you want to get up and start cooking.

So go ahead and read this book and if you’re an adventurous cook, do try out some of the recipes woven into the stories – for they’re sure to intrigue you!